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LiteratureNovember 25, 2019

Romantic Outlaws Book Review

All I knew about Mary Shelley was that she had sex on her mother’s grave (goth AF) & her mother was some kind of proto-feminist. This is my review of Romantic Outlaws, a book about them both.

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UncategorizedMarch 11, 2018

Smashing the Patriarchy: Period Positive Projects

Today, in my ongoing challenge to talk more about feminism, we’re going to talk about periods and period positivity. What period positivity is not: enjoying […]

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Goth Life InterviewsJanuary 19, 2017

Goth Life: Haleigh Schiafo 

Today we’re talking to our first American witch! Are you excited? I’m excited. Not least because she’s an especially stylish, intelligent and self-assured young woman. […]


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