Goth Dads: An Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

Goth Dads: An Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

Discover the best gifts for spooktacular goth dads.

June 9, 2024
5 min read

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while traditional gifts like ties and barbecue sets might work for some dads, they don’t quite cut it for the goth dads in our lives. For those fathers who appreciate the darker side of life, we’ve put together an alternative Father’s Day gift guide tailored to their unique tastes. 

Whether your dad is into gothic fashion, horror literature, or macabre home decor, this guide offers a range of distinctive gift ideas that are sure to make his day special. Discover the perfect present that reflects his alternative style and shows just how much you appreciate him. 

Korn T-Shirt

Image credit: EMP

Because Korn is dad rock now. I know, I know. Horrible to hear. But a Korn tee makes a great pressie if you’re buying for your partner and they’re a Korn fan! Of course, feel free to sub in any of your dad’s /partner’s favourite bands because a band tee will always go down well on Father’s Day. It shows you know him well.

Skull Decanter

Image credit: Amazon

If you have a goth dad that loves to entertain, then this skull decanter might just be the perfect alternative Father’s Day present. It could hold whiskey, wine or any other spirit your dad is fond of. It also looks just as pretty empty!

Silver Dad Ring

Image credit: The Great Frog London

An underrated Father’s Day gift is jewellery. You’d definitely consider jewellery for your mum on Mother’s Day, so why not for your dad? I love this ‘Dad’ ring from The Great Frog London – a goth take on that traditional mum and dad jewellery. You can totally see it layered up with other chunky silver rings. 

Goth Socks

Image credit: Impericon

Socks are a classic Father’s Day gift and your alternative dad deserves to have warm and stylish feet just as much as any regular dad. And there are loads of goth sock designs to choose from, like these cathedral ones from restyle or these skater socks from hellflower

Tattoo or Piercing Vouchers 

Image credit: Unsplash

If your goth papa has a penchant for tattoos and/or piercings, then why not head to his favourite shop and pick up a voucher? It means that the next time they fancy new ink or a new piercing, you’ll have bought it for them. If you’re buying for you partner, it might be fun to get your kids to design a tattoo for their dad!

Dad Rock Playlist

Image credit: Unsplash

For a free and fun gift for your goth dad on Father’s Day, put together a playlist of all his favourite songs and have a living room mosh pit. 

Pottery Painting

Image credit: Unsplash

Perfect for older kids, pottery painting means that you can create goth crockery that suits your dad’s/partner’s style, with the added bonus of being super cute. Think a best goth dad mug or a happy Father’s Day plate with cute skulls!


Is your dad the literary type? Then a good book might be the perfect Father’s Day present. You could go down the gothic classics route like Dracula or Frankenstein, or get him a book about being goth, like Season of the Witch: The Book of Goth by Cathi Unsworth. 

Taxidermy Course

Image credit: Unsplash

If your dad is into collecting skulls and dead things to hang on the wall and decorate his home with, then a taxidermy course might be just the thing to gift for Father’s Day. This one from Mike Gadd is perfect for beginners. Dad can stuff a bird or a mammal over the course of three days and come away with something to add to his collection.

WWGDD T shirt

Image credit: Video Vision Band

If your goth dad has been inspired by Video Vision’s goth dad skit then a t-shirt by the dad himself is a MUST for Father’s Day. What’s not to love? 

Alternative Father’s Day Cards

Keep it simple with this card from Fyurena with its white on black gothic text, or go down the Jack Skellington route with this one from The Crafty Burreato. I love this goth Father’s Day card from Neon Rainbow Goes Dark with its cute little ghost! 


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