The Witch List December

The Witch List December Christmas Girly Sweater – Iron Fist | Beetle Crop Fuzzy Sweater – Killstar | Sheer Panel Jumper – Miss Selfridge |  Shaggy Jumper Top […]

December 18, 2016
2 min read
The Witch List December

Christmas Girly Sweater – Iron Fist | Beetle Crop Fuzzy Sweater – Killstar Sheer Panel Jumper – Miss Selfridge |  Shaggy Jumper Top – Topshop | Love Kills Sweater – Iron Fist

This month’s Witch List is, as well as being a little late, dedicated to good “jummys”, as my mum used to call them. I have become aware that I don’t actually have many jumpers, or cardigans, for that matter. I think I tend to wear the same two or three to be honest, which isn’t exactly very fashion bloggery of me, is it? tsk.

So I went and had a little looksee at what jumpers there were out there. It was slightly prompted by the fact that Jess at IAmFoxxtailz recently got sent the top left jumper from Iron Fist, so I had to go and have a look at what else they had. I was particularly taken by the cutesy Love Kills jumper too.

In my search for the perf jumper I did, of course, take a little look at Killstar. They’ve been doing their goth slogan jumpers for a while now. You know, like “Sad Goth”, “Bite Me” and “Witch”. They’re pretty cute, but I particularly like this stripey number with the ribbon.

The jumper on the right hand corner is super simple, but I really like the sheer panel detail on the shoulders.

I’ve noticed that you can only be a cool goth girl if you have a hairy/shaggy/furry jumper so I’ve included one in the witch list this month. Cool goth girls, you’re welcome.

The only question is – where was this trend when I was wearing a fuzzy red and black knitted jumper to school?!… I was so close to being cool. So close.

Guys. This time next week is CHRISTMAS!

I really like Christmas anyway, but this year has been a bit rubbish for seeing my family so I extra extra can’t wait to see them this time (I live in York, and the majority of my family live in the midlands).

I’ve got four days of work, then I’ve got Friday off for chillz and last minute sortings out. Then me and the bf will be on a train to my mummas! Then I’ve got the week off. Hurrah!

I’m excited, in case you couldn’t tell by all the unnecessary exclamation marks.

My brother came up to see us, v. spontaneously, all the way from Tamworth, on Friday night and I couldn’t have been more pleased. All we did was watch Tale of Tales on Netflix and chat but it was so good to see him.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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