Valentine’s but make it Goth: 19 Valloween cards, gifts & more

Wondering what to get your spooky boo? We’ve picked out our favourite cards, gifts and more, perfect for your goth girlfriend or boyfriend. Read more.

February 1, 2023
6 min read

Valentine’s Day, or Valloween, is coming up quick! If you’re wondering, ‘what do i get a goth girl (or boy) for Valentine’s Day?!’ Well you’re in the right place! We’ve picked out our favourite spooky yet amorous cards, wrapping paper and gifts for you to choose from. We’re talking traditional elements like pink and red, roses and cute lovey-dovey gifts, made gothic with anatomical hearts, bats and darkly humorous puns.

Valentine’s cards

Baphomet Be Mine 

image credit: Blockforest

A gorgeous original linocut card with a cute Baphomet ready with gifts for your loved one.

Be Mine

image credit: Littlest Spook Shop

A delightfully pretty in pink planchette design card, ideal for asking your goth boo an important question on Valentine’s Day.

Morticia & Gomez

image credit: Leveret Shop

This digitally drawn, illustrated card features the ultimate in couple goals, Morticia & Gomez, locked in embrace. Perfect for the king or queen of your heart.

You are My Universe

image credit: The Crafty Burreato

The Crafty Burreato has loads of goth Valentine’s cards options, but this is one of our favourites. A celestial option for the witchy goth in your life. 

Until I am Dead

image credit: The Sweary Affirmation

A twist on the classic ‘Roses are red’ poem, this funny goth valentine’s card features a pink blood moon with a fun graveyard silhouette.

Love you to Death

image credit: Goth.i.c.

With a black background, a gorgeous red gothic font and a glossy finish, this card is perfect for a trad or a romantic goth.

Still into You

image credit: Areoh Zed Design

A cute illustrated gravestone with the words ‘still into you’ carved onto the front, and you can choose the background colour depending on how goth you’re feeling.


image credit: Spooky Shake Studios

Got a horror movie fan for your paramour? Then this adorable ghostface illustration has to be the one. Check out the others in this series too!


Dark Bloody Valentine

image credit: Grim Wrap

With a dagger through an anatomical heart surrounded by barbed wire, you can’t get a more perfect wrapping paper for your gothic love of your life.

Anatomical Heart

image credit: Wyrd Wolf Designs

A graphic repeating print of a red anatomical heart (yes, another one, you know it’s not a phase!) on a black background – it’s simple but beautiful.

Black Wings, Red Hearts

image credit: Scary Daddy UK

For a more classic Valloween design that combines elements of Valentine’s day and spooky themes, then this wrapping paper is for you.  


Valentine’s Gift Box

image credit: The Blackened Teeth

For a real treat, these gorgeous valentine’s boxes are filled with beautiful items made by the team at The Blackened Teeth. Featuring darkly delicious chocolate, an enamel mug, luxurious scented candles and more. 

Til We Are Ghosts Plaque

image credit: 12 Months of October Co.

Want a goth version of a love heart? We found it. This gorgeous black plaque is distressed and rustic, but decorated with some beautiful gothic font to declare your everlasting love to your one and only.

Flaming Heart Dagger Necklace

image credit: Hellflower

A classic valentine’s day gift choice, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. And though a heart-shaped necklace is a yucky cliché at this point, a flaming heart with a dagger stabbed through it? It’s a hard yes. 

Human Heart Art

image credit: Art Quirks UK

Want to give your heart to someone this Valloween? Well, with this gift, you can! Not literally, that’s a little too epic romance for us. It is hand-cast though, so you know it’s a thoughtful gift for any goth girl or boy.

Forever My Boo

image credit: otto butique

If your love loves a ghostie, then this adorable wooden art piece will make them swoon. Two cute little ghosts, each handcrafted by the maker. It’s personalised to the both of you too, so it could say your names or the date you met.

Fatally Yours Chocolate Box

image credit: Vegan Treats

Can a goth Valentine’s gift list be complete without the Fatally Yours Chocolate Box? We think not. It contains an array of sumptuous treats in ghoulish shapes, made from premium Swiss chocolate. A true treat. 

Rebirth Ring

image credit: Regal Rose

Give your paramore a rose that will never die with this rose under glass design. Beautifully made, it’s a delicate 3D rose framed under cubic zirconia. It gives pure Beauty and the Beast vibes, so perfect for the romantic at heart. 

Infinity Rose

image credit: Eternal Blossom

How about a real, long stem, midnight black rose that lasts a whole year to win the heart of your gothic valentine? They won’t be able to resist! You can even add a diamante for a little extra bling. Want to go all out? Opt for a whole box.  


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