If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have a slight obsession with vegan junk food.

I follow a number of restaurants/takeaways/food places on instagram and me and Mark regularly tag each other in food photos.

There are a couple London-based eateries that I had heard of and subsequently become obsessed with, and once me and Mark knew we were heading to London they had to be our first picks.

Temple of Seitan was the first on the list. Mark is literally a burger fiend, so it was a must-visit. We headed there as soon as we had dumped our stuff at the hotel.

Temple of Seitan window | vegan junk food | vegan

We were based in Islington, and we were heading to the Camden venue, so we decided to walk. It was a pleasant day and the walk was 20 minutes down a canal. Temple of Seitan is just off the canal, and there’s a little sign and everything so you don’t miss it.

We both ordered the Temple Burger which is battered Seitan fillet, ranch mayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and a side of chips. We also got a side of mac and cheese. It was all incredible.

We ate so much we had to have a lie down before continuing our day at LondonEdge.

Girl with vegan junk food | temple of Seitan | vegan burgers | vegan chips

We also bought a brownie from there to have for later. We had some after the LondonEdge afterparty, and I kid you not it actually blew my mind. It was the best brownie I have ever had. Vegan or otherwise. I think about it often.

The next day our main aim was to eat more vegan food. We almost didn’t go, because we’re lazy, but we decided to make the effort and head to Camden market.

Smiley girl with vegan pie and mash | vegan junk food | young vegans | Alternative fashion blogger

Young Vegans is another place I had been drooling over on Instagram. They sell pie and mash, and it always looks amazing. I’m not sure whether it truly constitutes junk food? I’ll need to look up the definition…

When we got there they were out of mash, so we had to wait. We wandered around the foodie bit of the market and basically had to go and have a sit down because all the food looked so good.

Vegan pie and mash | vegan junk food | Young Vegans | vegan mac and cheese | vegan cheesy chips

Anyway, we headed back, after deciding on our order. Mark got an all day breakfast pie with mash and cheesy chips, and I got a chicken parmigiana with mash and (more) mac and cheese with bacon bits. I also got a chocolate and peanut butter mud pie. It was ALL glorious and I’m so glad we made the effort.

Let me know what you’ve been drooling over on Instagram! I need more vegan junk food porn please!