What I Wore to London: LondonEdge AW18 & the Day After

What I Wore to London: LondonEdge AW18 & the Day After

LondonEdge is fast becoming one of my favourite events of the year (does that sound like I go to loads? Because I really don’t). It’s […]

September 13, 2018
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LondonEdge is fast becoming one of my favourite events of the year (does that sound like I go to loads? Because I really don’t). It’s less because of the event itself and more because of the people that go.

If you’re not aware, it’s an alternative fashion trade show, where brands exhibit their new designs and get retailers interested. It’s also heavily attended by bloggers and influencers.

It’s fun coz you get to talk to brands, see their new stuff and chat to other bloggers. There’s usually catwalks through the day and an after party too. They happen twice a year in Feb and September.

This year I decided to go relatively low-key with my outfit. A mesh top under a slip dress and Dr Martens. I topped it off with my pentagram belt from Disturbia and a thick choker. It was quite warm so I didn’t need any other layers.

Oh, top tip, if you’re headed to the Business Design Centre at any point, it’s probably going to be far too warm in there. TOO WARM.

We arrived at about 2 o’clock, and me and Mark had a little wander around. We almost immediately got collared by Dr Faust, who have launched a new jewellery collection and bag collection. They were very lovely and gave us (both me and Mark!) all seeing eye beanie hats and sigil of lucifer necklaces. We also spoke to people at Punky Pins and TUK as well as having a look around at Jawbreaker, New Rock and more.

I saw the lovely Rach, Gem and Kim, as well as Kinga, Danee, Charley, and even Vicki for a passing moment too!

I managed to get a cheeky selfie with Kaya and Jake when I popped up to the press office, which was delightful. They were both so lovely and accommodating even though they had probably had a long day!

Then me and Mark went to find food, forgetting that it was Sunday so we had to go a pub instead of a shop like I wanted. After that, we headed to the after party!

Luckily we stayed at the premier inn which was super close to everything and within a minute of Edge, and the party (it also had a great night time view). The party itself was cool, I had a dance, few free drinkies and a good catch up and a chat.

The next day

This is my outfit from the next day! We went for a walk down the canals to Camden, rather than take the tube. It was partly that we were saving the pennies, partly that it wasn’t a long walk, and partly that the weather was so lovely.

I’m not going to lie – the River Island pleather skirt made me sweat but it’s all for the Goth Life amirightoramistupid.

The Bardot ruffle top is a body from Pretty Little Thing – it’s a bit too small so when we got to Camden I had to undo it so I wasn’t giving myself a wedgie. I don’t think I’ll be wearing it done up again unless I’m wearing something tight.

Obvs the belt and boots are repeats because I have no time to bring two pairs of shoes for two days.

We walked down to Young Vegans, which is a vegan pie shop in Camden. I’ll be doing a post on the vegan food we ate in London – so watch this space!

Tell me, would you wear these outfits? Did you go to LondonEdge? Link me to your posts please!!


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