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Why I’m Bad at Shopping

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the first blog post of 2019! I know, I know. A fashion blogger who can’t shop? What is […]

January 6, 2019
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Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the first blog post of 2019!

I know, I know. A fashion blogger who can’t shop? What is even the point of me?!

Yes, my sordid little secret is out – I’m not a person who buys things on a whim or has a new outfit for every occasion.

I’m a saver, not a spender

I like to think I am good with my money. I’m not the savviest, or the thriftiest, but mostly I live within my means, and I save money pretty much every month.

I very rarely splurge, what can I say. I can think of maybe one time where I spent about £200 on clothes in one go.

I’m not even very good at doing the food shop because I underestimate how much food we need. Mark has to do it now because we always run out of food if I do it.

Outfit: Hat – Restyle | Starchild Batwing Blouse – Killstar | Halter top (underneath) – Pretty Little Thing | Nightshade Bell Bottom Leggings – Killstar | Boots – Jeffrey Campbell (old) | Necklace – Dr Faust Clothing (gifted)

I’m a deliberative person

Any idea that is put to me, I have to think over first. I pick it apart and put it back together, and then I can decide whether I like it or not. This is why you could never call me effusive, because I’m not that over-excitable, scream-at-exciting-news type. I’m quiet, I’m reserved, I’m the sit-back-and-observe-until-I’ve-figured-it-out type.

So if someone says “this would look nice on you” or I decide I need a new pair of jeans, I don’t commit to anything for probably at least a month
(I have actually needed a new pair of jeans for about 6 months if not longer).

I think part of the problem is that I want very specific things, and if I don’t find it, I won’t buy anything.

I think this is also the reason that i’m a chronic under-packer. Other people take options. I take exactly what I think I need, and it almost always ends with me not wanting to wear the things that I’ve brought with me – or it turns out the outfit I envisioned doesn’t work out at all.

Having said that, I do have my impulsive moments. I once bought a pair of boots when I was 17 or 18 (black leather, wooden heel, Topshop) even though I had no idea how to style them. I saw them, thought about them all day and then went back to buy them (even my impulsive buys are considered).

I think I wore them once, and then they were put in the back of my wardrobe. My mum stole them for a bit, and now, 10 years later I still have them and I have finally figured out how to wear them!

I’m concerned about fast fashion

There’s also the fast fashion issue. And it’s a big one. I don’t want to be contributing to damage to the environment, or to the detriment of the people (i.e. most likely women or children) making my clothes.

However, I am still a person whose personal expression of style is very important to her. And a lot of the time budget is an issue too. And I obviously need to be clothed, so I need to buy clothes at some point.

Part of the reason I went vegan was because I don’t want my existence to harm people or the earth, so there’s definitely some thinking (some research, some decision-making) to be done around how I can balance the two.

What I want this blog to be

This blog isn’t just a fashion blog, even though that is what I talk about predominantly. I want it to be somewhere you come when you need inspiration for living life alternatively.

That’s not just style, it’s interiors, it’s a bit of food, and dare I say it, a kinder, more open outlook on life and the people around you.

Even so, I don’t think anyone comes to me for the latest trends or things to buy, because I like to think of myself of more of a “style” blogger than a fashion one…

Yes, I love clothes. I love haute couture and the incredible messages and artwork that people can create with clothes. I love how you can communicate your personality; how you can express yourself through what you wear.

I love feeling awesome about myself in a particular outfit, or finding a way to style something I wouldn’t have normally worn.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to buy loads of stuff all the time, or encourage people who might read this blog (hi!) to either. It means working with the wardrobe I already have to do all those things.

Are you a bit of a shopaholic or are you like me, a bit rubbish at it?


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I freakin’ love this post. To be honest, I wish I was more like you in the saver-department. That’s more my fiance than me, unfortunately. At least when I impulse-buy, it’s usually at a secondhand shop. I try and avoid fast-fashion, and throwing something onto my wishlist or Pinterest really does help scratch the itch without actually making a purchase. It looks like in our own ways, an eco-approach to fashion is something we work toward.

Your considered approach definitely pays off – the detailing on those pants is to die for!



I’m so glad alternative bloggers are finally coming around to consider sustainability when it comes to clothes. (This is the second post on the topic that popped into my feed today!) People often forget that to be alternative doesn’t mean buying all the latest trendy alternative pieces all your friends are wearing (although that can be fun on the occasion) but that it’s about doing things /your/ way. 🙂

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