Valentine’s seems to be a love or hate affair. You either think it’s kinda stupid (why do we need a day to tell us to express love?!), you love it and go totally overboard (no, thanks, I don’t really want a 7 foot teddy bear with “I Wuv U” on it) or you feel a bit left out coz you have no baeby gurl or boy to lavish your affections upon.

Me and Mark are not celebrating this month, because money is a bit tight. Instead, we’re gonna go on a fancy date after payday. I know, I know, You don’t need money to show affection or be romantic, but at the same time, March will be the first time we’ll both have proper money in about a year so it’s well overdue anyway.

So, on to the actual point of the post… (too much rambling? I’ll stahp). Here are three brands I love. Heart emojis galore.

The first brand I’ve been in love with for a while but haven’t had enough moolah to justify getting anything is Deandri.

Their dresses and separates are pretty simple, to be fair. They’re all along the Wednesday Addams, nu goth, almost American Mary kinda vibe. All their garments look so beautifully made, I can’t help but lust after them. My particular faves are the midi length dress, the pleated skirt and the belts.

They’re definitely a dress to goth up or dress down, too, depending on the setting.

Images from Deandri’s website.

Number two on the list is Regal Rose. A British brand (thankfully, I hate shipping costs), they are a jewellery company that you’ve probably seen on the likes of Olivia Emily.

Some of their stuff is a bit too trad goth for me, but I have definitely got my eye on a few septum rings from them. I am in need of some pretty ones. Also the models are really pretty- this lady is inspiring me to get the side of my face tattooed coz it looks awesome (I probably won’t though, don’t worry mom).

Images from Regal Rose’s website.

The last one on the list is Black Magic Lashes. Another American brand (waaaah, why). Again, the shipping cost and the exchange rate is one of the major reasons why I haven’t bought anything from them yet, BUT their packaging is absolutely to die for. The matte black paper, the string and the shiny black wax seal just makes me amorous every time I clap eyes on it. I’m assuming the lashes are good too…

Images from Black Magic Lashes Instagram 

Which brands are you in love with at the moment?